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  • Temporary Placement Program
    This Program addresses our client's immediate needs based on fluctuations in production, special projects or seasonal needs. All candidates must complete a thorough application process before qualifying for placement with any of our clients. Upon completion of our orientation, the employee can be placed at a worksite for a minimum of 4 hours or retained indefinitely.
  • Temporary to Permanent
    This program allows our clients to evaluate an individual, risk-free, before making a hiring decision. Our staffing coordinators will hand-select the candidates based on our client's job requirements. The client also takes advantage of our services while they evaluate a candidate's work ethic, attitude, and overall performance. After the evaluation period, the client is free to hire the individual at no additional cost.
  • Direct Hire

    Typically a program utilized to identify and attract highly skilled individuals. KeyStaff's advanced recruiting network is used to source and secure qualified candidates.
    The candidate becomes the client's employee immediately.

Our Capabilities

  • Payrolling
    The client secures, through their own efforts, a qualified candidate. At this time the candidate is referred to a KeyStaff office to complete our screening process. This program limits the risks associated with hiring an individual and allows a company to evaluate the candidate, risk-free, before making a hiring decision.
  • Employee Leasing
    KeyStaff assumes a portion of a client's workforce, and becomes the employer of record. At this time all employees transferred to KeyStaff must complete our screening process before being leased back to the client.
  • More Coming Soon

Screening Process

  • 10 Step Screening Process
    Constant recruiting and screening is our business. It is what we do, everyday, all day long. KeyStaff’s 10-step process for screening is a process where we get to know our candidates. We focus on their previous experience, their work ethic, their preferred work environment, and we identify what companies would benefit the most from their talents. Our initial process is extensive, but helps us in making the right match for candidate and employer.
  • Personal Interview
    KeyStaff's Staffing Heroes are trained in interviewing techniques to ensure we ask the right questions to make the best hiring decisions. We go over each applicants work history, their interests, their willingness to commute, their salary requirements, trying to be as thorough as possible to make sure we find both them and you, the client, the best fit possible.
  • Reference Checks
    Our Staffing Heroes require two verifiable employment references to be considered for employment with KeyStaff.
  • Drug Testing
    KeyStaff provides drug-screening services on all KeyStaff employees. We typically administer a 5-panel drug test, but also have the ability to administer a 10-panel drug test for our clients with special needs. We have certified collectors on staff and they are trained to interview and collect urine samples. We also use outside clinics based on our specifications and pricing with each client. The first process is to obtain a full release for background reviews and drug screening. We provide an explanation to the applicant that we are a Drug Free Workplace and adhere to the recommendations of both Florida and Federal guidelines. Labcorp reviews for the following: Methaqualone, Marijuana, cocaine, Barbiturates, Methadone, Benzodiazepines, Phencyclidine (PCP), Opiates, Amphetamines, Propoxyphene, and Nicotine.
  • Background Screening
    KeyStaff provides background screening on all KeyStaff employees. We utilize Track-1 Services for background screening. Trak-1 has access to over 1 billion criminal records nationwide and searches criminal records instantly from 46 states plus Washington, DC. We also pull motor vehicle reports when our employees will be driving.
  • E-Verify
    E-Verify is administered by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). KeyStaff utilizes this employee authorization verification program to verify newly hired employees. The Internet-based system is available in all 50 states. KeyStaff personnel are trained and certified to use this service. E-Verify provides an automated link to Social Security Administration database and immigration records and is a responsible method of verifying employment eligibility in the United States.
  • Safety Training & Video
    KeyStaff is committed to safety. We have a full time Safety Director and we take the safety of our employees very seriously. We only work with the companies who are willing to provide our employees a safe working environment. We educate our employees on what to do if they have an accident, or if they see an unsafe condition in their workplace. New employees complete our safety training video and test.
  • KeyStaff Orientation Handbook
    The employee orientation is an important part of the hiring process. Each employee leaves KeyStaff with a copy of the KeyStaff handbook. The orientation covers all areas of KeyStaff policies & procedures, and highlights employee expectations.
  • Job Evaluation
    During this phase we bring together all the information we have gathered on our candidate and make a job offer. In some cases the employee will go right to work and in other cases they will be sent to a client for an interview. What occurs at this stage depends on the applicants skills and aptitude and how they match up with the openings we have with our current clients.
  • Client Orientation & Specialized Screening
    KeyStaff has custom hiring requirements for many clients. This often involves specialized orientations in the KeyStaff office prior to assignment at a particular client. This might include company specific education and testing, GMP training and often specific OSHA training and tests.

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