Hard Work & Good People
form our Staffing recipe

Richard Gustke, President

Our humble beginnings

KeyStaff is not your "traditional staffing" agency, we don't just send you an employee. KeyStaff is a staffing company that specializes in helping you find innovative ways to increase productivity & profitability.

We are locally owned and have been in operation in Florida since 1997. What we often hear from our customers is:

"KeyStaff knows our business better than anyone else"

..and that is our goal! Everything we do is to learn your business and your goals.

Kelly Weedman, Chief Financial Officer

Safety is a Priority

We constantly train in implementing proficient safety measures, so you don't have to.
Jack Hopson, Safety Director

We follow a holistic approach from interview to hire

Ray Galindez, Sales & Marketing Manager

Smart ingredients

People, offices, and a will to work is what's needed to get things done

Jennifer Negron, Regional Manager
Julissa Diaz, Ft. Lauderdale Branch Manager

Premium Quality

Once you go KeyStaff,
all others taste like Decaf
David Burns, Fort Myers, Branch Manager

People - partner - prosper

Niria Gerardi, Safety and Compensations Mgr.
Natalie Kerr- Recruiter, West Palm Beach
Miguel Burgos- Recruiter, Fort. Myers
Emily Sanchez- Recruiter, Ft. Lauderdale
Wendy Ramos- Recruiter, County
Lovette Urquiola- Admin., Fort Myers
Ashley Espinosa- Admin., West Palm Beach


John Ramos- Account Manager, St. Augustine

Let's Work together to grow your business!

Jaclynn Thoemke- Sales, West Palm Beach

Professional Placements Division - KeyTalent

Sheila Meier- Recruiter, KeyTalent
Rose Hamil- Sales, KeyTalent

Our Mission Statement

Client & employee retention is paramount to our success & reputation. We build lasting relationships, and we take ownership and accountability.

Our initiative is to better understand how our clients operate their business in order for us to provide effective staffing solutions.

"I believe that every customer should be treated like a guest at your home, and every customer request should be handled with a sense of urgency.

At KeyStaff, our customers are friends; we have fun, work hard, pay attention to details, and never forget that we are in the service business."

Jana Thoemke, Owner

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