The Best Podcasts for Job Seekers Right Now

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Podcasts are valuable tools to use during your job search. These shows are easy to listen to even if your schedule is hectic, providing plenty of tips and advice to inspire, amuse, and motivate you as you persevere in your job search.

Whether you are a college grad looking for that first professional role or a veteran of the working world seeking a new job to fulfill your passions, there is a podcast to suit. In fact, a little research shows that there are so many good podcasts available for job seekers it’s challenging to know where to begin.

No matter where you’re searching for a new job, you’ll find helpful and hopeful podcasts to keep you motivated.

The Best Podcasts for Job Seekers:

48 Days

This weekly show, hosted by Dan Miller, author of 48 Days to the Work You Love, explores profound questions about discovering and pursuing your true passion in life and recognizing what kind of work you should do to live the life you want.

Career Cloud

This podcast offers excellent resources and information for job searchers, exploring topics ranging from resume analysis and critique to the beneficial angle of losing a job.

College Central

If you’re a recent graduate looking for your first job, you need to listen to this podcast. Job fairs, internships, shadowing, cover letters, resumes, and portfolios are some topics included on this valuable site.

Career Warrior

This podcast features episodes packed with motivating information and essential tips from career experts, job coaches, and professionals. Nearly every part of real-life job searching experiences, from what recruiters want to see in a candidate to salary goals, are covered here.

Find Your Dream Job

Aimed at professionals, this podcast is about finding a role that matters to you. Host Mac Prichard and his expert guests offer a range of actionable advice and inspiration to motivate you and improve your whole outlook.

Happen To Your Career (HTYC)

This podcast focuses on helping people discover their talents and how they can use them best by pursuing work they love. Founder Scott Barlow features interviews with former job seekers who have found their dream jobs and are eager to pass on their tips, advice, and experiences to you.

How To Fail With Elizabeth Day

Contrary to its name, this podcast is about inspiring hope and motivation for weary job seekers feeling down and defeated in their quest. Rather than focusing on tips and advice, each episode features well-known people sharing their stories of resilience in times of challenge and how they rediscovered hope and success in their careers and lives.

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