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Social Media Dos and Don’ts During a Job Search

Social media platforms are a valuable tool during a job search, with the potential to help you network and advance in your career. However, social media may also jeopardize a potential job offer if used incorrectly. An ill-timed Tweet, Facebook rant, or Instagram photo can be found long after it was posted and forgotten by you, and even posts you believe are private may be visible to connections of your friends and potential employers.

You can easily make your social media accounts job ready. In this blog, we’ll look at some of the best ways to use social media during your job search and what not to do.

Why Does a Social Media Presence Matter?

As a professional, your personal brand is vital to your success in your job search and throughout your career. Your social media pages are vital to creating and maintaining your personal brand. You present yourself, your skills, and your experiences to the world through your public pages, and easy access and visibility make them the simplest way for potential employers and recruiters to get to know you and what you stand for. When looking for a new job, your social media pages should reflect the personal brand you want potential employers and recruiters to see.

Your online social media pages also are essential for networking during the job search and beyond. Professional social sites such as LinkedIn provide access to peers and other professionals in your job industry. You can contact former colleagues and make new connections through the same platform.

Social Media and Your Job Search: Dos and Don’ts

Social media is a powerful tool for connecting and growing in your career. Consistency and care go a long way toward presenting a positive presence online that is unique and attractive to potential employers and recruiters.

Social Media Dos

  • Review old posts that could be controversial.
  • Consider creating a second account for professional use.
  • Use a headshot or professional-looking photo.
  • Update your information regularly.
  • Be consistent across platforms.
  • Frequently search yourself on Google and see what shows up.
  • Network everywhere.

Social Media Don’ts

  • Don’t post inappropriate content.
  • Don’t share company business, good or bad.
  • Don’t forget your privacy settings, especially on Facebook.
  • Don’t connect with everyone.
  • Don’t job search or surf social media during work hours.


Most of us have personal social media accounts. Whether it’s a Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, or something else, we maintain and enjoy these pages. Social media can be an asset during a job search when used correctly, or it can hinder the job search and hiring process considerably. But with some care and keeping the dos and don’ts above in mind, you can use social media to your advantage in the short and long term.

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