When you need talent that defies the market, leads successes, and boasts exceptional leadership skills, you turn to KeyStaff.
KeyStaff delivers industry talent that exceeds your expectations, time and time again. 

Who is KeyTalent?

Keeping the daily ends and outs of business running smoothly is hard enough, finding that perfect “needle in the haystack” individual to join your team shouldn’t be. KeyTalent takes the guesswork and stress out of sorting through hundreds of unqualified candidate resumes and instead puts you in direct contact with top talent, without the hassle. 

What We Do: 

KeyTalent’s recruiting team uses their knowledge of the industry in conjunction with your company’s descriptions of needs, traits, and desired skill set to source only top-tier talent. 

We work hard to ensure that each candidate presented represents not only the best in their field but the best of KeyStaff as well. Our team is confident in their ability to deliver who you need on your time. And that is why we offer the KeyStaff guarantee!

How does it work?

It’s simple! Let KeyTalent do the heavy lifting and know that your business is in good hands. Once you’ve met with, interviewed, and reached a determination that you would like to extend a job offer to one of our candidates, we will facilitate that offer. 

KeyTalent recruiters continue to follow up with employer and employee during the guarantee period to ensure satisfaction from both parties. You never have to worry about dropped communication, as we take special care to ensure we are delivering the best customer service as well as the best candidate selection.

Industries served: 






Administrative and Support Services


Supply Chain & Warehousing

Communication/Visual Communication 

And many more! 

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