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Providing opportunities for employment is KeyStaff's business! Our talented associates are on assignment in a vast range of job categories at top companies in major markets across the US.

At KeyStaff, our recruiters and staff join together to help make you the most of what you are. 

Be honest, be thorough, be ready for success!


  • Temporary

    Short Term

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    Often referred to as "temp work", our Temporary positions range in length of time and varying fields, from Manufacturing and Logistics to Hospitality and Clerical, including seasonal Event Staffing!

  • Temporary to Hire

    Temp to Perm

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    The most popular employment type we offer and often preferred! This gives our associates the opportunity to not only become employed but also provides an opportunity to prove their value, which could lead to full-time employment!

  • Professional Placement

    Direct Hire

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    KeyStaff has an entire division dedicated to Professional Placement, KeyTalent! These are direct hire opportunities available to you through our Clients, varying in industry and position types. Learn more about KeyTalent here.

our workplace policy

KeyStaff is committed to providing a safe workplace for our employees and have established a Drug-Free Workplace and adopted a Violence-Free Workplace policy. We pledge to work with our clients and employees to assure that a safe environment exists.

Benefits Insurance Program

We are committed to being the very best at what we do. Of course, we realize that we could not achieve this goal without the hard work and dedication of our amazing employees. A competitive benefits package is one of the ways we aim to recognize your daily contributions to our success. We understand that a benefits package is not always one-size fits-all.

We offer a voluntary benefits program to help address the individual needs of you and your family with advantages that otherwise might not be available to you on your own. Your voluntary benefit offerings are designed to complement your benefits package and provide additional security for you and your family.

Voluntary Benefits Offered

  • Fixed Indemnity Medical Benefit


    The Fixed Indemnity Medical Plan pays a flat amount for a covered event caused by an accident or illness. If the covered event costs more, you pay the difference. But if the covered event costs less, you keep the difference.

  • MEC Wellness Preventive Plan


    The optional MEC Wellness/Preventive Benefit provides coverage for preventive services such as immunization and routine health screening. It does not cover conditions caused by accident or illness.

  • Additional Voluntary Benefits


    • Dental
    • Vision
    • Life Insurance
    • Short Term Disability
    • Accidental Death & Dismemberment

ready to work?

At KeyStaff, we strive to make our hiring process as smooth as possible, we invite you to submit your resume one of two ways:

1) Upload your resume as a .doc or .pdf file

2) Copy & Paste your resume directly into the text field 

Complete just a few simple questions and your resume is on its way to one of our recruiter's desks!

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