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We are a proud member of WBENC, the Women's Business Enterprise. This entitles our clients to special benefits & rewards that non-affiliated companies cannot provide.

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State of Florida • Department of Military Affairs

Keystaff, Inc. has provided consistent, professional, and excellent service since our initial contract period that began in 2009.
Director & Contract Manager


Department of Military Affairs

2017 Recommendation

The purpose of this memorandum is to provide a recommendation on behalf of Keystaff Inc., during our contract service period for outstanding temporary staffing services and support to the Department of Military Affairs (DMA). Keystaff Inc. had provided consistent, professional, and excellent service since our initial contract period that began in 2009. To show their attentiveness in the industry after their contract expired, a new contract vendor was awarded the contract but defaulted before their contract expired. Keystaff Inc., being proactive, heard of our situation, made the initial contact, and offered their support if needed. We accepted and within 24 hours, the OMA was back in business; thereby, avoiding a total shutdown of several major operational programs supported by their employees. As the HR Director and Contract Manager for this contract, Keystaff's high personal standard for excellence and support, which included a sense of urgency during our time of need, has been nothing short of full cooperation, compliance, and professionalism.

Keystaff has supported every reasonable endeavor requested of them without reservations. Within the State of Florida, there are many unique rules pertaining to the Public Sector environment and Keystaff, Inc., faced every challenge to provide the necessary services, support, and administrative hurdles asked of them. Their organization's key personnel are always responsive, timely, courteous, and provide the necessary communications needed to ensure closure on actions. Their total support to the OMA and willingness to ensure compliance in all employment facets has served us well. I highly recommend Keystaff, Inc., for any support needed regarding temporary employment services and support.

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