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Hi, I'm Jana and I am the President here @KeyStaff. I want to warmly welcome & congratulate you in coming to KeyStaff, where success abounds and people are genuinely appreciated.

Join us and see why so many are making KeyStaff their Go-To for everything Staffing!
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  • Resume' Training
  • Verify Your Skills
  • Establish Relationship & Schedule
  • Match a Job with Your Ability
  • Grow Your Network
  • Strive for Team Elite Status
  • Benefits & Rewards Available
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  • Personal Workplace Advisor
  • Environment Research
  • Safety Checklist
  • Find and Employ Quality Team Members
  • Consistent Checks and Rewards
  • Liability Responsibility Is Ours
  • Good Work & Positive Turnaround is Yours

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We are a group of ambitious, friendly, & motivated people who just want to be successful at what we do. Our goal is your win!

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Now is your chance to finally achieve the success you've always wanted, whether it is a reliable career or a faithful team that knows how to gets things done. Either way we're here for you.

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